Elk and Venison (Deer) if properly prepared can be a very special source of  lean meat protein.

If it is aged like fine steak, professionally butchered and then properly frozen….it makes for many wonderful meals throughout the year….

Steaks, stews, spaghetti sauce….stroganoff…..

Coming very late in life into a “hunting” family…no one was more surprised than I that I enjoyed it….(the eating…not the hunting) Once you have had fresh….nothing else is quite the same… Just like farm raised fish are not the same as wild……



There are those who are both…I am not one of them…..                                                                                                                                                 

I am an enthusiastic consumer of meat, poultry and fish, but I learned at an early age that I cannot participate in the process…..

 As absurd as it seems I am ok eating it if I don’t participate in the process of “Hunting”.

I learned this on my first fishing (hunting) adventure with my father and brother….. As you can see from the photo we had a successful fishing expedition.

However,  if you do have the good fortune to have a hunter in the family,  there are some treats to be had.

Our hunter would always bring back fresh duck breast…..attached, of course, to the rest of the duck…..

Cut into small strips,  and sautéed quickly in hot olive oil with garlic,  it is best eaten right out of the pan…..sometimes before it even makes it to the plate….

Nothing like it….!

A very special treat…!