This salad is to be proportioned to its maker’s personal preference for the combination of ingredients. I like a little bit of everything in every bite…..

Iceberg Lettuce…  A firm/heavy head. This salad depends on texture and crunch, as well as flavor, so discard any loose floppy leaves and use only the “heart”.  Tear, or more easily cut, into (large) bite size chunks.

Canned Red Kidney Beans….These MUST be canned since the “juice” from the can is an essential ingredient for the dressing….When I was younger I was always able to find cans of “small” kidney beeans…but these days “bigger is better” if I am going to make this salad I take the time to (tediously) cut the large beans in half .

Green Onions sliced to taste. Again, I like green onions a lot. These can be cut in 1/4″ thick slices, straight or diagonal cuts based on visual appeal only.

Garlic powder (to taste)

The dressing consists of Miracle Whip (only…no substitutions),  mixed 2/3 miracle whip to 1/3  of the juice from the can… Mix the first two ingredients together to create the “oil” and mix 2 oil to 1 red wine vinegar…..less vinegar if you want a more mild dressing. Again, I have to stress…this is not the time to get fancy and use balsamic….just use old-fashioned red wine vinegar to get the proper combination of flavors……

Toss all the ingredients together (careful to keep the iceberg chunks intact) and enjoy with a summer barbeque……


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  1. Liz is this you writing these “mid-West” recipes??

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